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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Saltzman Sees...The Newsroom

The greatest show on TV is not a reality television monstrosity, or a sitcom, or even a talent show.  The greatest show on TV is Aaron Sorkin's Newsroom. In true Sorkin fashion, he shines a bright light on flaws in society while shining a brighter light on flaws in his characters in the show.  Newsroom is the perfect blend of Sorkin's two previous television shows, Sports Night and West Wing.  Sports Night's cast of characters are almost mirror images of the main characters in The Newsroom.  On top of that, the issues the news show discusses are heavy into politics and the current political landscape of our country.  The writing style is all Sorkin, which is music to the ears of fans of West Wing.  As one of Sports Night's biggest fans, Newsroom is Sorkin's comeback to the news show.  Sports Night was cancelled after just two seasons, and with the backing of HBO and the star power of Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer and Sam Waterson, the Newsroom should be broadcasting for several seasons to come.  Sunday night was the final episode in a 10 episode season for the new show, and it ended in a full circle way that Sorkin is known for.  If you never had a chance to watch an episode, go to HBO GO and start from the beginning.  It is a brilliant show about real issues in America, and a strong enough take on those issues to be entertaining and insightful.